12-channel Holter monitor
TLC5000, TLC6000

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12-channel Holter monitor 12-channel Holter monitor - TLC5000, TLC6000


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TLC4000/TLC5000/TLC9803/TLC6000 Dynamic ECG Systems
Dynamic ECG Systems consist of recorder and analysis software. Recorder features in
easy opération, clear interface and plentiful analysis functions, which provides a strong
evidence for doctors. It is applicable for use in médical institutions.
Recorder features
• Strong in anti-interference and anti-vibration capability.
• Real-time clock(only for TLC5000, TLC9803 and TLC6000).
• With the functions of waveform preview, record review and event marking or
TLC5000 and TLC9803).
• Record ECG waveform in détail by high-accuracy and high-sampling frequency recorder.

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