wrist pulse oximeter / wireless

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wrist pulse oximeter / wireless wrist pulse oximeter / wireless - CMS50F/CMS50FW, CMS50I/CMS50IW


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CMS50F/CMS50FW/CMS50I/CMS50IW Pulse Oximeter
• CMS50F/CMS50FW : 1.3” color OLED display
• CMS50I/CMS50IW : 1.5' color OLED display
• Menu operation.
• Display of Sp02, PR, bar graph and puise waveform.
• Multi-direction display.
• Adjustable brightness.
• PR sound.
• Real-time clock.
• Battery status indication.
• Audible and visible alarm for over-limit and low battery, and the upper and lower
limit of alarm can be set.
• Continuous 24h storage for SpÜ2 and PR value, and data stored can be uploaded
to PC.
• Real-time data can be uploaded to PC(only for CMS50FW and CMS50IW).
• Wireless transmission(only for CMS50FW and CMS50IW).
• Multi-time segment storage(only for CMS50I and CMS50IW).
• Display of PI value(only for CMS50I and CMS50IW).
• Charging time: 4h
• Continuous working time: 24h

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