mercury analyzer / laboratory / compact / benchtop
mercur DUO plus



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    compact, benchtop

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The Mercur mercury analyzer is a compact system that was designed to determine mercury traces completely and cost-efficiently. There two configurations available, AFS and AAS, as well as a combined AFS AND AAS configuration for maximum flexibility. Mercur also includes high and exceptional detection limits, WinAAS software for complete data processing and quality control, and compliance with regulations. There are several configurations available to meet all of one's needs for mercury analysis. The available configurations are merur AA and mercer AA plus, which are mercury analyzer based on atomic absorption that can be available with or without enrichment; mercur and mercer plus, which analyze based on atomic fluorescence that can be available with or without enrichment; and mercur DUO and mercur DUO plus, which are tandem mercury analyzers that are based on atomic fluorescence and atomic absorptions that are available with or without enrichment.