TOC analyzer / TN / for environmental analysis / bench-top
multi N/C 3100



  • Tested parameter:

    TOC, TN

  • Applications:

    for environmental analysis

  • Configuration:



The Analytikjena multi N/C® 3100 is suitable for waste water, pure water and all liquid samples. This is the result of the blending of VITA® catalytic high-temperature combustion, Focus Radiation NDIR Detector, along with intelligent flow injection rinsing technology for samples containing particles.

The multi N/C® 3100 is extremely fast allowing for high sample throughput and it promotes high temperature combustion (max 950 °C) with sample feed and intelligent flow injection prevents carry over.

The inside diameter is larger for superior handling of particles. Different injection volumes with a single standard can be used to create multi-point calibration. Provides from maximum sensitivity to the minimum ppb range.

The unit can be equipped for concurrent TNb conclusion in the complete measurement spectrum. Autosamplers with different capacities are an option.