chlorine analyzer / carbon / organic elemental / sulfur
multi EA 5000



  • Tested parameter:

    chlorine, carbon, organic elemental, sulfur

  • Applications:

    for environmental analysis, for the food industry

  • Configuration:



Determining chlorine, sulfur, nitrogen and carbon are all functions of the multi EA® 5000. The machine can perform AOX/TOX, TOC, or EOX as well. One analyzer is provided for fluid, gases, solid, LPG, and paste-like samples. The multi-matrix sampler can determine solids or fluid samples, by using either vertical or horizontal configurations.

This device additionally features modern detectors which range from ppb to the self check systems. Flame sensor technology is another feature on this low-maintenance device. This function allows for matrix-optimized digestion of samples in difficult matrixes. Its furnace technology is unique and offers quick switching between horizontal and vertical use.