vertical electrophoresis chamber
Biometra Eco-Mini



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Eco-Mini is a modular tank system which has been designed by Analytik Jena for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and blotting. The system is compatible with self-poured gels and the most common pre-cast gels. Glass plates with a width of 10.5 to 11 cm and a length of up to 11 cm can be used. The system is also compatible with glass plates from the Minigel-Twin.

The casting chamber of the Eco-Mini enables fast, easy and leak-proof assembly of between 1 and 4 single or double glass plate sandwiches. Once polymerisation of the gels has been completed, the glass plate sandwiches and electrophoresis module are taken from the casting chamber and placed into the buffer tank for electrophoretic separation.