vertical electrophoresis chamber



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Analytikjena Eco-Maxi Electrophoresis System comes with 21cm W x 20cm L glass plates and it is also compatible with the Maxigel glass plates. Casting stand accommodates 1 or 2 gels. The space saving Bigfood Safety Lid can be safely stored off the buffer tank.

With controlled temperatures EBC cooling option buffer tank (with water circulation) are used for electrophoretic separation. It avoids the heat development found in the larger gels and so there is no concerns with inefficient protein resolution or smiling effects.

Both the EB buffer chamber with no cooling option and the EBC chamber with cooling option, are compatible with the Blot Module for Tankblot Eco-Maxi. It is recommended you tank blot using the EBC chamber, otherwise if you are using the EB buffer chamber you should perform the action in a cold room.