agarose gel electrophoresis system / compact
Horizon series

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agarose gel electrophoresis system agarose gel electrophoresis system - Horizon series


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    agarose gel

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The Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Systems comes in three standard sizes, all of which are compact and user-friendly. The safer interlock lid does not allow an electrical connection until the lid is placed properly. Gel casting works quickly due to its patented drop-in dams, and can be completed either directly in the devices or in an external gel casting system.Red visualization strips beneath the gel trays allow for sample loading. The medium and large systems, Horizon 1114 and Horizon 2025, also allow Souther and Norther capillary blotting with the use of special equipment. Horizon 58 was created especially for the rapid separation of nucleic acids in agarose mini-gels. The casting parts that can handle boiling agarose temperatures and the easy-to-clean removable buffer tray turn the Horizon 58 system into the topi choice for rapid routine use. Additionally, combs and gel casting dams can be easily placed in electrophoresis units.