DNA extraction reagent kit / FFPE tissues / for PCR / liquid
845-BP-0021010, 845-BP-0021250



  • Applications:

    for DNA extraction

  • Sample type:

    FFPE tissues

  • Analysis mode:

    for PCR

  • Other characteristics:




Isolation of highly pure genomic DNA from FFPE tissue samples

Product Details

Extra short lysis time by using special Lysis Buffer
No deparaffinization is needed
Without use of hazardous or toxic components like phenol, octane or xylene
High yield and optimal quality in less than 2.5 h
Tested for different amount of paraffin and tissue
Suitable for many kinds of tissue samples
High quality nucleic acids for direct use or storage
Excellent DNA integrity

The blackPREP FFPE DNA Kit has been designed as a very efficient tool for fast isolation of genomic DNA from FFPE samples for subsequent purposes. The kit can be used with different amount of FFPE tissue samples / sections, up to a maximum of 50 mg. The extraction procedure is based on a new patented chemistry and combines lysis of FFPE tissue samples with subsequent binding of nucleic acids onto the surface of a Spin Filter membrane. Thereby the optimized procedure renders an extra step of deparaffinization and the usage of toxic solvents (e.g. xyolol or octane) unnecessary. After several washing steps the nucleic acids are eluted from the membrane by using Elution Buffer. The extraction is optimized to get maximum of yield for immediate downstream applications and storage for future use.

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