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DNA extractor
Magnesia® 16

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DNA extractor DNA extractor - Magnesia® 16


Magnesia® 16 magnetic bead extraction system provides fast, effective and contamination-free nucleic acid extraction with ready-to-use protocols and the prefilled cartridge system.

1 to 16 samples can be placed into the instrument after a short preperation time. Then, all the technician has to do is to “start and forget”. Cartridges are opened for the first time by the robotic pipette, and each sample is transferred by sterile filtered pipette tips to its specific cartridge whre the reaction takes place.

These operational principles combines with the instrument’s structural features, the UV lamp and HEPA filter options, to establish the reliable guarantee to prevent cross contamination and to enable safe working conditions.

Cellulose based Fe3O4 nanoparticules employed in Magnesia® extraction system, display superparamagnetic properties. Magnetic beads with a diameter of only 150 nm, together with their magnetic mass value of approximately 80 emu/g, constitute the core of the most effective and consistent nucleic acid extraction systems.

This simply designed, multifunctional panel enables users to start the extraction just by pressing a few buttons. The codes on the cartridges identify the specific protocol codes.
To choose the required protocol, it is enough to enter the three-digit numbers into the instrument’s microprocessor using the touchscreen. Selecting the start-up and elution volumes among the options and completing the approval steps of the protocol constitute that takes only few seconds. The whole duration of the extraction protocols is very short, starting from just 33 minutes.

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