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DNA extractor
Magnesia® 2448

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DNA extractor DNA extractor - Magnesia® 2448


Magnesia® 2448 Extraction and PCR Setup System

DNA extraction and PCR preparation systemsare designed to precisely process all steps required for these complex and time consuming applications on an automated platform. Sample pipetting, reagent dispensing, magnetic particle pipetting, separation and washing and the final transfer of the obtained DNA to the PCR tubes are performed in an environment protected from contamination.

Based on our proven sample processing technology, the Magnesia 2448 Nucleic Acid Extraction & PCR Set-up equipment was designed to increase safety and throughput of complex and time consuming preparation of DNA amplification procedures. The system incorporates a high precision 4-channel pipetting system with disposable tips for transfer and mixing of samples and reagents capable of piercing sealed microplates, microplate shaker/incubators to accommodate standard and deep well microplates and cooling modules for PCR tubes and reagent containers.

With its robust and open design, Magnesia is the starting point for various applications. All patented; specially designed incubators, magnetic racks, shakers, reagent carriers and active cooling racks share the SBS standards for easy reagent and sample plate transfer. Empty channels between the modules eliminate the risk of contamination. Different types of sample tubes, thanks to individually controlled pipettes and liquid level detection system.

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