3D viewing software / education / for orthodontics / surgery



  • Function:

    3D viewing, education

  • Application domain:

    for orthodontics, surgery, dental


Interactive Patient Education Software

The creators of the award winning InVivo5 3D imaging software are proud to introduce the next generation in dental patient education. Anatomage’s Visage software is a 3D patient education tool wherein virtual procedures can be seen and interacted with from any angle. Patients can visually comprehend their treatment plan like never before.

3 specialty specific versions

Visage has 3 versions to better meet your needs. While all versions have the same innovative features each one contains unique virtual procedures most relevant to your practice.

General Practice


Visually engage your patients while they wait
Optimized for both multi-touch & standard mouse navigation
Actual 3D illustrations, more than just video clips
Interactively rotate & view from any angle
Educate your patients & staff on basic dental anatomy