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analysis software / management / 3D viewing / control
Andor iQ3

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analysis software / management / 3D viewing / control analysis software / management / 3D viewing / control - Andor iQ3


  • Function:

    analysis, management, 3D viewing, control, image capture

  • Application domain:

    cell imaging


Andor iQ is our flagship live cell imaging software. iQ - image and quantify - occupies a central role in our Revolution confocal and Photostimulation product range. iQ provides optimized control of Andor's award winning iXon EMCCD and sCMOS cameras in synchronized combination with a number of additional imaging hardware devices, addressing a range of bioimaging applications. Use iQ to run experiments to investigate dynamic processes in single cells through to multi-cellular systems, perform routine imaging of fixed samples, and generate 3 dimensional image volumes for analysis.

New Simplified 6D user interface for rapid setup and tuning
New User management – per user settings and ImageDisk
Dedicated Photostimulation device control – Ablate, Bleach, Activate
“Flexible Protocols” for advanced routines
Improved integration with Imaris

Andor iQ is designed from years of experience and understanding of the demands that capturing highly dynamic cellular processes impose. iQ integrates a range of additional hardware for multi-parameter and multi-modal imaging, including devices such as confocal scanners, light sources including our own laser combiner, filter wheels and x,y, & z motorized stage control. Automation of this hardware with image capture is tightly controlled for optimum capture rates, and to minimise unnecessary light exposure for prolonged live cell imaging.

Recognizing that most biologists do not have time to learn a complex user interface, and that live biology frequently demands immediate attention, iQ3 provides a radical new user interface designed with workflow and rapid configuration in mind.