gas quality analyzer / flow rate / leak-tightness / for MAP packaging
Exos Leak



  • Tested parameter:

    gas quality, flow rate, leak-tightness

  • Applications:

    for MAP packaging

  • Configuration:



The EXOS LEAK allows you to measure airtightness for vacuum packaging and pneumatic circuits. This measurement device also checks the resistance of sealing using a bursting test. These two tests can be carried out in quick succession on the same packaging. The sensitivity threshold can be up 5 microns in terms of perforation size (Equivalent size of a bacterium is between 1 and 10 microns)

Meets standards:
DIN 55508-1: measures flow rate at constant pressure
ASTM F1140: seal strength
ASTM F2054: burst test
Measures with low excessive pressure
Breathability measurement (micro-perforated films)
Tested on vacuum packaging
Fully traceable via an internal spreadsheet
Excessive pressure can be fitted manually or automatically
Remote maintenance 7 days a week, with remote connection available