emergency stretcher trolley / electric / height-adjustable / Trendelenburg
QA3 21122



  • Type:


  • Operation:


  • Features:

    height-adjustable, Trendelenburg

  • Other characteristics:

    X-ray transparent

  • Number of sections:



The QA3 Drive Emergency Patient Trolley System has a new inbuilt motorised drive and is supremely manoeuvrable, compact, lightweight and robust. The QA3 emergency range has been designed specifically to meet the demands of Accident & Emergency departments. The trolleys include an X-ray translucent platform, a medirail and the K8 pressure care mattress.

The QA3 Drive Emergency trolley is built to improve patient transportation within hospitals and clinical areas by making it easier and quicker to transport patients. The new inbuilt motorised drive works with 5th wheel steering to offer superb manoeuvrability and control and allows you to transport patients effortlessly up to gradients of 10 degrees.


The QA3 Drive emergency patient trolley features an intuitive design and innovative features that makes patient transportation easier for the user and comfortable for the patient. The DRIVE features new pushing handles that are touch sensitive, when the user touches the handles this activates the motorised drive and allows the trolley to move forward or back.

The inbuilt motorised drive works with 5th wheel steering to offer superb manoeuvrability and control. As well as creating a trolley that is innovative and user friendly, patient comfort is always at the forefront of our design processes. The DRIVE has a wide patient platform and pressure care mattress to ensure maximum patient comfort. Improved ground clearance allows better access for patient hoists.

The DRIVES? compact construction is light weight yet robust and its advanced steering system and ergonomically positioned handles make it supremely manoeuvrable and easily guided by one person.