ICP-MS spectrometer / for biomedical research / medical / for environmental analysis



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    for biomedical research, medical, for environmental analysis

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Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) features microscale(10-6), trace(10-9), and ultratrace(10-12) element analysis techniques. It can test most elements of periodic table of elements. It has a very low detection limit, wide trends linearity range, minimal interference; high accuracy, high analyzing speed, and it also can analyze isotopes.Performance AdvantageSmall, light and easy to carryQuick analysis speed, simple operation, high response rate, low background noise, good interference elimination, and easy maintenance.OneClick plasma setting makes plasma optimizing more convenient and has excellent reproducibility.Advanced plasma shielding technology greatly improves the instrument’s response rate and achieves ppt level.It has a special Activity connector structure, by which you can replace, install, and dismantle sampling cone and skimmer cone in empty space, making daily maintenance convenient.The efficiency of transmission and interference elimination capability of polyatomic ion, is improved by using the hexapole collision cell.Application FieldsSmall, light and easy to carryenvironmental: drinking water, seawater, environment water resource foodstuff, hygiene and disease control, commodity inspection ect.semiconductor industry: high pure metal, high purity reagent, ultratrace impurity of Si wafe, photoresist etc.medicine and physiological analysis: Medical Research of hair, whole blood、serum, urine sample, biological organization ect. Especially the test of Pb in whole blood.nuclear industry: analysis of nuclear fuel radioisotope, pollution of Primary cooling water etc.others: as chemical industry, lithification,