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medical gloves / neoprene / powder-free
ENCORE® 3401050xx

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medical gloves / neoprene / powder-free medical gloves / neoprene / powder-free - ENCORE® 3401050xx


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A non-latex, DPG-free glove perfect for general surgery

ENCORE® Non-Latex PI Hybrid is a powder-free surgical glove made from a unique blend of synthetic lattices (polyisoprene & polychloroprene). It is free from latex proteins making it safe for latex-sensitive (Type I) healthcare professionals and patients.

ENCORE® Non-Latex PI Hybrid is a DPG-free option for healthcare workers suffering from latex allergies and chemical allergies caused by DPG, an increasing problem.

This new glove protects healthcare workers and patients against additional causes of skin reactions with features such as casein free formulation - to minimize reactions to animal proteins - and CPC-free polymer coating – thus eliminating irritation caused by cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC).

Manufactured using a special former, ENCORE® Non-Latex PI Hybrid has a curved fit and a greater width across the hand: this reduces pressure on overworked areas such as the ball of the thumb and palm. The result is good comfort for the wearer, which is especially valuable during lengthy operative procedures. Ansell’s SureFit™ technology helps prevent cuff roll-down for a secure & comfortable fit.

Its cream colour makes it ideal as a non-latex double-gloving solution, together with the green ENCORE® Non-Latex PI Underglove.