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medical gloves / latex / powder-free
GAMMEX® 35344x

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medical gloves / latex / powder-free medical gloves / latex / powder-free - GAMMEX® 35344x


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The glove that helps reduce surgical site infections

Pathogens are proven to transfer from healthcare workers to patients and from patients to healthcare workers. Bacteria pass to the healthcare workers through glove breaches resulting from normal wear. GAMMEX® Powder-Free Gloves with AMT Antimicrobial Technology reduce wearer exposure to pathogens.

In addition, the results of a recently published study* demonstrate that antimicrobial surgical gloves have the potential to decrease the risk of surgical site infection (SSI).

A new level of antiviral protection - During in vitro laboratory testing, the glove:

Kills > 99% of a HCV virus surrogate as early as 1 min. following exposure.
Kills 99% of HIV -1 strain Mn as early as 1 min. following exposure
Rapid and lasting antibacterial action against a wide range of bacteria - During in vitro laboratory testing, the glove:

Kills > 99.7% to > 99.999% of 8 common infectious bacteria causing healthcare facility–associated infection, comprising gram+, gram-, and drug-resistant bacteria as early as 1 and 2 min. following exposure.
AMT antimicrobial technology, with the proprietary antimicrobial coating, contains chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) for antiviral and antibacterial action. It can suppress the regrowth of bacteria on surgeons’ hands, so in the event of a glove breach, it helps prevent bacterial contamination of the surgical site. CHG is an effective antimicrobial agent found in common products such as antiseptics and mouthwashes.