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    TEPR® exfoliation

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Having a tattoo is everlasting. This the principal reason why tattoos are made. But with time, people change and might want to remove their tattoo, erase this part of their lives or forget this memory, for a professional reason or because they do not like their tattoo anymore.

All over the world, people have tattoos but an important number of them would like to remove their tattoo. When the tattoo is made, the pigments go in the dermis after few months.

It is part of the explanation why it is so hard to remonve a tattoo, the ink is deeply entered into the skin. Moreover, with the techniques developed today to make a tattoo, the use of multiple colors or the use of improved needles and ink delivery, it becomes more and more hard to remove a tattoo.

Today, several techniques are developed to remove tattoo: laser, surgery or dermabrason among others, but all the existing techniques have considerable disadvantages.

The laser is the most common technique used. This technique works but with a lot of time and under some conditions. It treats only a certain range of colors (mostly black, dark blue, red and orange and no light colors at all), it is very expensive because many consultations and sessions are needed.