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automatic rheometer / laboratory / for the food industry / for the cosmetics industry
MCR 102, MCR 302, MCR 502



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    laboratory, for the food industry, for the cosmetics industry, for the pharmaceutical industry, for environmental analysis


Rheometer: MCR 102, MCR 302, MCR 502

Modular Compact Rheometer series
The MCR rheometer series is the result of continuous development and based on decades of experience in rheology and rheometry. The combination of innovative and thousandfold field-proven technology with the robust design represents the benchmark in its class. Anton Paar rheometers are built for everyday use in the lab and are the key to all possible kinds of rheological investigations and material characterization. The application field of the renowned MCR series ranges from quality control to high-end research and development tasks.

Unique motor and controller technology
The innovative EC-motor in combination with the low-friction air bearing, the integrated normal force sensor, and a high-resolution optical encoder form the heart of an MCR rheometer. The unique sample-adaptive controller TruRate™ (in rotation and step strain) and the fast and accurate strain control due to improved real-time position control TruStrain™ (in oscillation) guarantee highly precise measurements even at the lowest torques
(<2 nNm). The steel frame is optimized for mechanical and thermal stiffness and minimizes torsional and axial compliance. The residual compliance is known and corrected during the measurement, eliminating the need for post-measurement corrections.

Designed for easy handling and error proofing
Designed for easy handling and error proofing
The open design enables easy and fast sample loading and trimming. The lift motor in the stand provides precise gap setting and compensates gap changes related to temperature and normal force.