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flash point analyzer / laboratory / for the pharmaceutical industry / bench-top



  • Tested parameter:

    flash point

  • Applications:

    laboratory, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    digital, automatic


The automatic Abel closed-cup tester measures the flash point, the lowest temperature at which the vapors of a sample ignite upon the application of an ignition source. The tester can also be used to detect the ability of a sample to yield flammable vapors when maintained at an equilibrium temperature by the flash/no flash method.
ABA 4 is suitable for flash point applications of jet fuels, solvents, chemicals, etc.

Benefits at a Glance

Two cooling systems with Peltier elements according to the new ISO 13736 standard: an economical air-cooled model and a low-temperature version with external water cooling
The two ignition systems in each unit give you the flexibility to work with an electric or gas igniter: if the gas ignition is used, the electric igniter will automatically relight the gas flame during the test, if necessary
The patented One-Twist swivel-around multi-function head guarantees the safe and easy one-hand connection of all sensors and actuators such as the shutter release, stirrer, igniter and detector contacts
An extended measuring range up to 110 °C enables you to go beyond the conventional scope of the Abel method

Convenient Operation

Test initiation by pre-installed standard test methods and ability to customize methods by user-defined programs
Outside flame sensors increase the system’s safety, especially for work with samples that have no conventional flash point but burn outside the test cup (e.g. due to flame-inhibiting components)
Splashproof touch-key panel with large LCD
A multi-detector combines the flash point detector and the temperature probe in a solid housing with a perfectly adjusted immersion depth

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