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laboratory density meter
DMA™ 1001



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Density meter: DMA™ 1001
A density meter which meets industry lab standards at an unmatched price
DMA™ 1001 has everything that industry standards for density measurement stipulate: 4-digits in density measuring accuracy. Based on comprehensive knowledge of the oscillation characteristics of the newly designed measuring cell, the applied patented Pulsed Excitation Method delivers the most stable density results.
But there’s more: the new unique one-point water adjustment is the quickest way to get your highly accurate measurement work started and is only available with DMA™ 1001.

Get ready for compliance with your industry standards by using the most straightforward lab density meter you can get.

A revolutionary measuring principle

The new design of the measuring cell and a novel way of evaluating the oscillation characteristics lead to stable results, more independent from external factors than ever before.

Highly accurate density measurement, meeting relevant industry lab standards
Density measuring accuracy of 0.0001 g/cm3
Full compliance with important industry standards such as ASTM D4052 and D5002 (petroleum industry), and USP , Ph. Eur. 2.25, JP 17 2.56 (pharmaceutical industry); DMA 1001 fulfills all requirements of FDA CFR 21 Part 11
Unique time-saving one-point water adjustment directly at the measuring temperature
U-View™: observe the sample filling process via a pin-sharp real-time camera image of the measuring cell

FillingCheck™: automatically detects and records filling errors and generates a warning message
Optional ISO 17025 calibration certificate, with guaranteed traceability to SI units