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esophageal stent

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esophageal stent esophageal stent


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Esophageal Stent

The stent is covered by medical polymer biological membrane with tulip ends,ball ends or cup ends to reduce chance of migration.It has smooth edge on both ends without acute angle or burr,It also has characteristics as precise position and gradual strong expanding radial force.


The stent sticks to the inner wall of esophagus while keeping it long time unobstructed.With excellent antiacid performance of not being easy to be eroded by gastric juice,it remarkably reduces the harm to inner wall of esophagus.It can be pulled back to introducer and repositioned when in wrong place.Diameter of stent gradually expands and the stent generates a continuous radial force to expand stricture segment.


The stent greatly reduces the chance of migration and thus effectively curbs the inner growth of tumor to lower the risk of restenosis.Its percise position and smooth release guarantee a successful operation and excellent curative effect.