tap filter / for healthcare facilities / water / hollow-fiber
Baclyser® TL (2M), Baclyser® TR (2M)



  • Applications:

    for taps, for healthcare facilities

  • Fluid:


  • Other characteristics:

    hollow-fiber, sterile, single-use


Point-of-use hollow fibre membrane filter for water taps

Safe protection against waterborne bacteria
CE-marked medical device
Operating time of up to 2 months
Hygienic design to avoid retrograde contamination
Narrow construction depth (51 mm – TL version)
Offset outlet for more flexibility

Baclyser® TL / TR (2M)
The Baclyser® tap filters: TL with laminar outlet and TR with shower rose outlet are CE-marked medical devices. These are disposable, point-of-use, hollow fibre membrane water filters with a proven retention efficiency of 7 Log steps for Brevundimonas diminuta. This complies with the FDA definition of sterile filtered water. Thus, all waterborne bacteria such as pseudomonas and legionella are blocked by these tap filters. The hygienic design prevents retrograde contamination. The filter is designed to deliver a consistent performance at the design flow rate for the up to 2-months dependent on water quality. On expiry of the operating time, the used filter can be easily changed via the quick release coupling and then disposed of responsibly. The individual barcode on each filter supports traceability and documentation processes within hospitals hygiene routines..