laboratory filter / for healthcare facilities / water / antibacterial
Baclyser® IL3, IL5, IL10



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for healthcare facilities

  • Fluid:


  • Other characteristics:

    antibacterial, hollow-fiber, sterile


Inline hollow-fibre membrane filter for water hygiene in medical facilities

Effective protection against waterborne bacteria through sterile filtration
High flow rate
Flow volume of 3,000, 13,000 or 56,000 litres (guide value)
CE-marked medical devices
Connection options: 8 mm push-fit quickrelease coupling or G½ʺ screw thread

Baclyser® IL
The Baclyser® IL are a range of CE-marked medical devices for inline installation in cold water supplies to medical appliances. The Baclyser® IL features a hollow-fibre membrane for microfiltration resulting in a 7-Log reduction of Brevundimonas diminuta. Thus, all waterborne bacteria such as pseudomonas and legionella are blocked. This complies with the FDA definition of sterile filtrated water. Filtration does not alter the chemical composition of water. The Baclyser® IL range is designed to suit the customer needs. Baclyser® IL3/IL5: suits installations where space is at a premium. Baclyser® IL5/IL10: deliver high flow rates. The flow volumes shown in the table are for guidance only. The particular filters operating time is dependent on the flow volume and water quality. The Connection options of 8 mm push-fit and G½ʺ screw thread offer ease of installation and changeability. The used filter should be disposed of responsibly.