laboratory filter / for taps / for healthcare facilities / water
WoundLyser 1M



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for taps, for healthcare facilities

  • Fluid:


  • Other characteristics:

    hollow-fiber, sterile


Point-of-use hollow fibre membrane technology provides sterile filtered water for the rinsing of wounds

WoundLyser 1M is a CE-marked medical device, which is especially offered for a patient-related use for rinsing wounds during a hospital stay. This point-of-use filter includes a hollow fibre membrane, which has a retention of 7 log steps of Brevundimonas diminuta. According to the recommendations of the commission for hospital hygiene and infection prevention at the German Robert Koch Institute, the WoundLyser provides 0.2 μm filtered water for wound cleansing. Within the period of one month, the wound shower can be left to the patient for further use in outpatient care.
Reliable protection against waterborne bacteria from tap water up to 1 month
Thorough and gentle wound cleansing
Easy to install and convenient to change
Hygienic design to avoid retrograde contamination
CE-marked medical device