tap filter / for healthcare facilities / water / hollow-fiber
Germlyser® A



  • Applications:

    for taps, for healthcare facilities

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Point-of-use hollow fibre membrane filter for water taps

Effective membrane filtration for the protection of immunodeficient patients against waterborne bacteria
Safe water hygiene
Full working height between faucet and sink
Operating time up to 8 weeks
CE-marked medical device
Environmentally friendly and efficient reusable product
Germlyser® A
Germlyser® A is a point-of-use hollow fibre membrane filter and CE-marked medical device. The filter is fully integrated into the faucet which means that the the working height between tap and sink remains unaffected. This makes it easier for patients and staff to use the washbasin and reduces the risk of retrograde contamination through splashing or physical contact. The 0.2 μm hollow fibre membrane filter removes all waterborne bacteria without altering the chemical composition of the water in any way. All aspects of the Germlyser® A construction has been carefully designed to minimize the potential for infection with the plastic filter housing containing an additive, with special bacteriostatic properties which has been tested and approved for use in food or medical devices. Furthermore the water outlet of the Germlyser® A is made of silver which provides additional protection against retrograde contamination. Due to its unique features, Germlyser® A delivers a constant high flow rate of bacteria-free water over its entire operating time and effectively protects high-risk patients against nosocomial infections caused by waterborne bacteria.