healthcare facility filter / water / hollow-fiber
Germlyser® D



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    for healthcare facilities

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Point-of-use hollow fibre membrane filter for water taps

Effective membrane filtration for the protection of immunodeficient patients against waterborne bacteria

Safe water hygiene
Operating time of 4 weeks*
CE-marked medical device
Environmentally friendly and efficient reusable product
Germlyser® D
Germlyser® D, point-of-use hollow fibre membrane filter is a CE-marked medical device. The 0.2 μm hollow fibre membrane removes all waterborne bacteria without altering the chemical composition of the water in any way. All aspects of the Germlyser® D construction has been carefully designed to minimize the potential for infection. This prevents the potential for retrograde contamination from splash back or patient/staff contact. Furthermore, the shower rose of Germlyser® D is silver plated, which provides additional protection against retrograde contamination. Due to its unique features, Germlyser® D delivers a constant high flow rate of bacteria-free water over its entire operating time and effectively protects high-risk/intensive care patients against nosocomial infections caused by water associated bacteria.