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hospital bed mattress overlay / dynamic air / anti-decubitus / tube
Alpha Response®



  • Applications:

    for hospital beds

  • Technology:

    dynamic air

  • Other characteristics:

    anti-decubitus, tube


A Semi-automatic, cost effective pressure redistribution solution

The Alpha Response® semi-automatic pressure redistribution system is designed to contribute to improved clinical outcomes, lower risk and offer value for money.

The Alpha Response System provides healthcare facilities with a choice of pressure redistribution surfaces for a 24 hour therapy solution.

It consists of a mattress replacement, a mattress overlay and a seat cushion with two therapy modes which allows caregivers to adjust therapy delivery to meet individualised resident/patient needs whilst improving comfort.

Integrated Auto Profile Technology recognises when a resident/patient is raised into a semi-recumbent (Fowler’s) position eliminating the need for manual adjustment every time the resident/patient changes position, which is ideal for busy facilities or low supervision home care environments.

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