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hospital bed mattress / low air loss / anti-decubitus / tube
First Step® All In One



  • Applications:

    for hospital beds

  • Technology:

    low air loss

  • Other characteristics:

    anti-decubitus, tube


The patients or residents those who are in the high risk and are seeking maintenance of the tissue viability, need a device like The First Step® All in one Mattress replacement system. The First Step All in One mattress replacement system is a superior low air loss therapy arrangement with an exclusive mechanical force posing to assist the management of the skin micro climate, perfunctory forces and edema for the high insight patients. The product offers one of its kind automated pressure redistribution system. The product is capable of providing three therapies at the same time, structured to help the caregivers and those who need a serious care. Presenting the exclusive enduring outline flexibility of low air loss treatment with Smart Surface Technology (SST), turning therapy and pulsation therapy, the First Step All assists to offer the perfect pelt surroundings for force ulcer preclusion and cure. the product provides genuine comfort to the patients who are susceptible to the skin breakdown. The product has certain limitations. It can not be used for the patients with the cervical traction.

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