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turn sheet / disposable / sliding / for people with reduced mobility



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    disposable, sliding, for people with reduced mobility


The MaxiOnce™ is a single use sliding sheet, which being hygienic and disposable, facilitates control of infection and turnover of patients or residents. The instrument has been devised with an aim to fulfill the requirements and combat the difficulties prevailing in those hospital regions and heath care units which experience high claims on infection control and high turnover of patients. The product emphasizes on high quality care for patients. A powerful material, having less friction, is used in the manufacture of this product. Safe and hygienic transfer of patients is possible due to the fact that this device is used for one patient only and on a single occasion. Simplicity, availability and accessibility constitute the qualitative attributes of the product. Before being pushed into a MaxiOnce holder, the equipment appears on a roll. It can be suited to fit the patient or resident by its ability of being sliced to any length. This is helpful in minimizing wastes. Estimating the correct length of the required sliding aid is enabled by the measuring system of the device.