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sanitation cleaning system sanitation cleaning system - MultiClean


This efficient unit is used for cleaning and disinfecting bathing and showering equipment, to ensure good system hygiene.

MultiClean™ plays an important role in minimising the risk of cross infection in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

System integration
MultiClean can be used with the Parker® Bath, Sovereign™, Malibu™, Freedom Bath® and Classic Line™ baths. It can also be used to clean and disinfect Arjo showering products, such as the Carendo®, the Prelude® and shower trolleys.

Making tasks easier and safer
MultiClean has an easy to understand control panel with clear instructions for use, ensuring safe and effective use of the system.

Improving care and efficiency
Cross infections are a costly problem in the healthcare sector. MultiClean provides a fast and highly efficient way of ensuring good system hygiene, which is an important factor in preventing cross infection.

MultiClean™ is an efficient disinfection system which actively reduces the risk of cross infection.
The unit mixes and dispenses Arjo cleaner/disinfectant and helps protect caregivers, residents/patients and visitors from infections.
This ergonomically designed unit is wall-mounted to make it easier to use.
The unit has a lockable door to restrict unauthorised access to the mains water isolation valve and the Arjo cleaner/disinfectant.
The concentration setting is preset internally, ensuring delivery of the optimum dilution ratio.
Clear user instructions on the front to ensure that the correct procedure can be easily understood.