respiratory gas blender / air / oxygen / with dual flow meter tubes



  • Gas type:

    respiratory, air, oxygen

  • Technology:

    with dual flow meter tubes, electronic


MAXBlend™ Flow Driver is designed to provide a continuous air/oxygen gas mixture for moderate to high flow respiratory therapies (HFOT & CPAP).

Precise mixing of medical air and oxygen
Delivery of 21-100% oxygen concentrations up to 120l/min
Digital oxygen display with high and low alarms
Connects directly to wall mounted oxygen and air supplies or gas cylinders
Compact and quiet
Highly portable
Independant adjustment of flow and oxygen concentration
Ease of calibration

MaxBlendTM CPAP Flow Generator complete system with pole mount, oxygen and medical air high pressure hoses, rotameter flow meter and oxygen fuel cell

-30 to +30 cmH2O manometer withclamp and bracket

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