rehabilitation wall bars
221-Reha-white, 221-2-Reha-white

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rehabilitation wall bars rehabilitation wall bars - 221-Reha-white, 221-2-Reha-white


Artimex Sport Gymnastic Swedish ladder bars have 2 stringers made from pin join timber.
Oval bars, 16 pieces, made from beech timber wood, and have 40 x 30 mm.
Swedish ladder is painted in white.

All rungs in line, except the first on the top.
Installation hardware included.
Wall bars 221-Reha-white is very good for exercise for scoliosis and other exercises for therapy.
See exercises for scoliosis.
Weight capacity 135 kg. Weight test resistance - 160 kg
Warranty 10 years.
Dimensions: 230 x 85 x 11 cm.
Comply with DIN EN 1234.
See drawing
Shipped unassembled. Easy to assemble.

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