biostimulation laser / diode / trolley-mounted



  • Applications:


  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    808 nm


M6 is a unique system that allows the automatic application of MLS® Laser Therapy in Multitarget. The robotised head covers the whole area to be treated, which is uniformly lit by the exclusive multidiode optic group. The simultaneous activation of all the photoreceptor cells gives better and faster therapeutic results than traditional laser therapy.

The column height and arm angle in M6 can be adjusted electromechanically. The robotised head moves automatically in 5 pre-set directions, meaning that any treatment position can be reached easily by adjusting the direction and the movement range to treat the patient in various positions, either sitting or lying down.
The Multitarget mode does not need the constant presence of an operator. In addition, it minimises the loss of energy caused by reflection and scattering and guarantees simultaneous activation of the photoreceptor cells in the treated area.

Main indications: sprains, muscle tears, tendinitis, brachial neuralgia, craniofacial pain, bursitis, lumbago, arthritis, articular pain, oedema, hematoma. MLS® Laser Therapy improves the blood circulation and muscle relaxation; it also stimulates soft tissue repair – connective and epidermic – when injuries, burns or bed sores are present.