anesthesia syringe pump / chemotherapy / 1-channel / pediatric



  • Applications:

    anesthesia, chemotherapy

  • Number of channels:


  • Patient type:



The AP14 single syringe pump is safe, simple, and reliable and made to meet the demands of modern intravenous therapy in the adult, pediatric, or neonatal ICUs, CCU, cardiology, oncology, or anesthesia units.

It uses a user-friendly software that makes the operation much simpler. It has a large LCD display that is easily readable and a wide array of infusion rates. It allows over 40 types of syringes. It has a manual and automatic bolus capability, drug dose calculation, an RS 232C interface, a much longer battery life, and an event log that could record up to 2000 events in real time.

The device can automatically reduce residual bolus after the release of occlusion. It can easily modify infusion parameters and has a comprehensive system of visual and audible alarms and warnings. With its extensive drug library, user can select a wide range of drug names. It comes in four operation modes: flow rate, volume over time, flow rate and time, flow rate and volume.