fully automated sample preparation system / laboratory / tissue / cell
C-line® HS200



  • Operation:

    fully automated

  • Applications:

    laboratory, tissue, cell

  • Preparation type:

    for liquid handling, cryogenization

  • Sample type:


  • Configuration:


  • Preparation format:

    for cassettes


Automated cryogenic sample storage/biobank
The ASKION C-line® hermetic storage HS200 product family provides semi- and fully automated cryo-storage systems at temperatures of below -150°C to -185°C. The storage takes place in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen. A maximum sample quality is guaranteed for decades due to the storage in deep cold temperatures and the handling temperatures of the samples of down to below -130°C. Depending on the demand for storage capacity, the user can choose from three different versions of the HS200: S/M/L. Thanks to the modularity and the automation capability of the ASKION C-line® hermetic storage, it is possible to create biobank solutions from semi-automated standalone storage systems up to a fully automated biobank consisting of several storage systems. The three versions of the HS200, S, M and L, are completely compatible among each other and can be interconnected by an external rail system to build a fully automated biobank.

Storage in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen
Independent of the sample format
Handling of SBS racks
Handling of single samples (pick-and-place robots)
Gripper changer system
Sample handling at temperatures of down to below -130°C (adjustable)
Storage of up to 1,000,000 samples per Hermetic Storage
Integrated barcode scanner for single samples and SBS racks for ambient temperatures of -130°C
Modularly expandable without any influence on previously stored samples
Continuous cold chain
No penetration of moisture into the deep cold work area; the HS200 remains free of ice
External automation in order to interconnect single storage systems to a fully automated biobank