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ultrasound lipolysis skin care unit / trolley-mounted

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ultrasound lipolysis skin care unit / trolley-mounted ultrasound lipolysis skin care unit / trolley-mounted - Liftera-A


  • Treatment:

    ultrasound lipolysis

  • Ergonomics:



A dual-type HIFU technology that enables combination treatments using Line and Pen-type applicators.

Liftera-A has 2 unique applicators (Line & Pen) that perform multifunctional treatments.
Use of either applicator depends on the patient’s skin condition, profile and facial contour for enhanced results.

For Face & Body
Liftera-A performs non-invasive treatments for effective facial lifting and body tightening.

2 Unique Applicators in One
2-Way Type Non-Invasive Procedure
A technology that delivers strong ultrasound energy into target regions with 2 unique applicators for fast treatments.

Comfortable & Quick
Effective & Less Pain
Patients receiving the Liftera-A experience less pain under reduced treatment times. Immediately following a customized procedure, the patient will have little downtime and can simply carry on with their daily routines.

Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT) Technology
Wide Range of Cartridges (Face to Body)
2-Way : Pen Applicator & Line Cartridge
Pen Applicator : Special Handpiece specific to treatment area
Stable & Precise Peak Power by integral applicator and digital engine