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visualization software / diagnostic / for mammography



  • Function:

    visualization, diagnostic

  • Application domain:

    for mammography


The AuroraCAD is designed for ease of use through every stage of the imaging. The 3-D registration aids in the compensation of movement by the patient motion between image acquisition, which includes offset, rotation and tissue warping.

This allows for highly accurate oblique and orthogonal lesion views for MPR , MIP, and surface rendering views. Persistent, plateau or washout curves are enhanced and the information from image acquisition that will display cysts, seromas and edema are clearly displayed thanks to the color maps.

AuroraCAD software makes it easier to diagnose using concurrent axial, coronal and sagittal views or the following processed image set that uses multi planar reconstruction. You can do comparisons side by side of the pre contrast and post contrast image(s), 3-D protection image(s), subtraction(s), enhanced curve(s), etc. Doctors and technologist can enjoy a more efficient workflow.