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vial capping system / for the pharmaceutical industry / rotary / floor-standing



  • Product applications:

    for vials

  • Use domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:



VCM SERIES Capping Systems are rotary style cappers which process vials or cartridges from 2ml to 200ml and with production speeds up to 400 vials/ or cartridges per minute. The VCM Series cappers can be configured in multiple ways, including tray on/tray off, belt feed on/ belt feed off, or any combination thereof. In addition, the Steriline VCM capping system can be configured for aluminium vial seals, cartridge combi-seals, or screw caps (used for ophthalmic products). The VCM can be equipment with a LFU, an open R.A.B.S, Closed R.A.B.S., or a full isolator.

For models VCM50 and VCM100, vials or cartridges are loaded onto the conveyor belt from either trays or the filler (depending on the capper configuration) and aluminium caps are loaded into a conical vibrating bowl. The caps exit the bowl in a single or dual lane chute.

From the cap feed chute a cap is applied to each stoppered vial or cartridge, then the sealing head lowers and makes contact with the skirt sealing the lower edge of the cap skirt (with rotating blade).