dental implantology drill bit

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dental implantology drill bit dental implantology drill bit - 84002/84003


  • Application domain:

    for dental implantology


AXELMED' PARADIGMA' implant lines act as anthors for crowns, bridges or prostheses to the bone (both the upper and the lower jaw).
They hâve an internai hexagonal connection, a conical body with two principle threads and are made of titanium Gr. 4 in accordance with the requirements of ISO 5832-2.
AXELMED' PARADIGMA” implants are présent in 5 different diameters with the same prosthetic connection (see the table below).
It is packaged in a titanium cylinder protected by two sealed stérile tubes and a cover and a healing screw are to be found in the same packaging. It is sterilized by Gamma Ray irradiation (min 25kGy)
and it is "STERILE" *(io direi: ’sterilization lasts)until expiration date.
AXELMED8 torque wrenches are designed for the manual installation of the implant and the prosthetic components
through default values of torque (see the table below). Packaging: "NOT STERILE'.
Before use, the "NON STERILE' instruments should be deaned with hot water, disinfected, rinsed with distilled water, dried and sterilized.
Do not use acids or harsh Chemicals. The recommended sterilization method is with Autoclave Class B steam cycle with a température lower than 134°C (273°F) for 30 minutes.
Instruments with signs of wear shouldn't be used. Keep products in a dosed and dry environment at room température (15-35° C/ 59-95 ° F).
The disposai of products after use must be performed in accordance with the régulations on spécial waste.