hand rehabilitation system / arm / pediatric / computer-assisted



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    hand, arm

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An innovative offer in rehabilitation medicine, dedicated to brain damaged patients.

AXINESIS is a medtech start-up, spin-off from the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL, Belgium).

The company carries a clear objective: to democratize the access to innovative technologies dedicated to the rehabilitation of impaired upper limbs of stroke adults or cerebral palsy children.

Researches which have been run for more than 9 years by Axinesis’ co-founder, Dr Julien Sapin, and his team, as well as clinical trials undertaken in 7 rehabilitation centers, have been able to show the undeniable contribution of our medical interactive robotic device during the rehabilitation programs of patients.

The exceptional intensity of repeated movements, as allowed by the REAplan, the companion robot developed by Axinesis, optimizes the process of neuronal reorganization, also known as neuroplasticity, after brain injuries and then, motor development in cerebral palsy children and recovery in stroke adults