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wound dressing / sterile / hemostatic



  • Type:

    wound dressing

  • Option:

    sterile, hemostatic


Axiostat prevents loss of blood by providing an active mechanical barrier to the bleeding site.

Axiostat is a sterile. non-absorbable hemostatic dressing intended to be used to control bleeding within minutes of application by providing an active mechanical barrier to the bleeding site.

Axiostat ® accelerates blood clotting and reduces loss of blood because of wounds resulting from gunshots, punctures & stab wounds, scalp & limb cuts, lacerations, and avulsions. It is the best hemostatic dressing and is an indispensable part of the military first aid kit.

The Axiostat for military ss extensively used by defense forces across the globe in order to control bleeding and reduce blood loss resulting from gunshot wounds and blast injuries. It is also recommended for patients with blood disorders or on blood thinners. The Axiostat is presented in a camouflaged, rugged metal package. is easy to carry and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Sterile, Ready to use
Battlefield proven Technology
Ease of Application and Painless Removal
Can be cut, folded and stuffed into wound sites
Active on all sides
Hypoallergenic, No known side effects

CompositionChitosan – 100%
IndicationStops severe bleeding
MechanismMucoadhesion due to charge
MaterialPositively charged, reacts actively
TypeSponge, natural polymer
FlexibilityVery flexible, both sides active
SterilitySterilized using Gamma irradiation
Shelf Life3 Years
UseSingle use
RemovalIrrigate with saline
Side EffectsNone