multimodal image fusion software module / diagnostic / visualization / oncology
OsiriX PRO



  • Function:

    multimodal image fusion, diagnostic, visualization

  • Application domain:

    oncology, radiology


aycan oncology workstation
For oncology and radiology where image comparison is vital

Today, diagnosis, based on follow-up image series, is often a time-consuming task due to patient alignment and the need for manual adaptions of viewing settings.

To address this issue, aycan has paired its aycan workstation with Chimaera FusionSync, an automatic image-registration algorithm. Integrated in aycan workstation, Chimaera FusionSync’s fast, accurate, and automatic rigid image registration allows users to easily view multi-modal and follow-up series synchronized together for more efficient diagnoses.Users just drag and drop two series together, then quickly navigate through large amounts of data with full spatial synchronization and automatically propagating viewer and ROI settings.

Chimaera FusionSync currently supports CT, C-Arm CT, MR (including 2-D multi-slice MR), PET and SPECT data even at lower resolutions, and is suited for Oncology and other radiological applications where image comparison is vital.

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