ceiling-mounted surgical light / LED / with video camera / with control panel



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  • Other characteristics:

    with control panel, with video camera


Fields of application: Large surgery, dermatological examinations, treatment of wounds

The Aselight 160 or 120 Lux lamp is a new standard for operating room lighting. The compact design is not only visually elegant, but also offers the management of light adjustment functions without any contact with the lamp (with sensor) without compromising on hygiene. The technical characteristics such as light intensity and the color temperature of the Scialitica ASELight 160, satisfy all the needs of any user, in fact the intensity of the light (160,000 lux- or 120,00 lux) and the color temperature (4500-5000-5500K) are regulated separately, and all at a CRI of> 94. Like the rest of the light, the optional integrated full HD camera can be controlled using an external control unit.
The advantages of the new surgical lamp with RGB LED technology:
Brightness of 160,00 -120,00 lux at 100 cm distance
Color temperature adjustable through the control panel in 3 steps: 4000 -4500-5000 K
CRI> 94
Diameter of the light field from D10 cm to 30 cm.
Integrated control panel, without sensor contact
Integrated HD camera (option)
External control unit for camera and adjustments for light intensity and color temperature
No thermal emission that could dry the wound and slow down the healing process
No UV emission
No maintenance
High reliability