wall-mounted camera support arm / medical / surgical / dental



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    medical, dental, surgical

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Pole camera arm
BRAPT4080 - BRAPT5080

Camera Support Holder
Fixed and articulated camera arms
The B&D camera support arms are available in different versions: fixed, articulated and three segments for a total length of over 3 meters.
All have a three-axis head that makes them compatible with any type of camera, both standard and professional.
Several adapters for the most common dome cameras are also in the catalog.
The B&D camera support arms include an HDMI cable, a power cable and an analog video cable as standard; other types of cables that can be customized also in length are available on request or if supplied by the customer.
A series of dedicated arms is also available that can also integrate a special cable for the "PANASONIC POVCAM 4K" operating camera.
Our arms are completed by a series of applications and trolleys for installation in various contexts and situations, a series of arms for the service monitor or for other accessories.