ceiling-mounted camera support arm / surgical / dental / medical



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    surgical, dental, medical


All B&D arms work perfectly in the medical field with standard cameras or with any PROFESSIONAL ceiling camera arms.
The product is manufactured in Italy, certified and registered as a Class I Medical Device by the Italian Ministry of Health valid throughout Europe.
The B&D camera arm is produced in two versions differentiated by the length of the extension down 10 or 35 cm. This supports the three-axis photo head or a support for the Dome camera.
The same arm can be used with the pin facing up (ceiling) or down (towards the floor), changing its position on the central hub.
The B&D arm (the only one on the world market) is proposed in versions with 2 or 3 segments, reaching a total maximum length of 3 meters.
The standard arm is calibrated for 500 grams, but upon request, the setup can be customized up to a capacity of 8 kg.
All the B&D camera arms are equipped with integrated cables that can be adapted in type and length to the customer's request. Many cable formats are available on request: HDMI, network, power, video, etc ....

Each camera arm can also have a fixed and or articulated service monitor arm, adapting itself to the needs of the operating theaters up to the most disparate uses.