ceiling-mounted surgical light

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ceiling-mounted surgical light ceiling-mounted surgical light - CRSOF001f


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CRSO Ceiling Lamp -CRSOF001- C

Lamp with very low cost and unique optical design, ideal focusing depth thanks to the complete overlap of the 6 light sources.
Uniformly distributed luminous spot with light and smooth edges, similar to natural light with exceptional CRI, 3Axis design with flexible angle adjustment, the position of the handle can be customized to adjust the angle, this is easily removable for sterilization.
The lamp integrates a sensor that acts as a switch allowing also the regulation of the brightness level.
The CRSO lamp is compatible with different application systems and with arms of different lengths (up to 3 meters), making it suitable for different types of professional use, from the dentist to the dermatologist, to minor surgery to hair implantation.