wall-mounted minor surgery light / mobile / ceiling-mounted / LED
S200 SCY200-SF01



  • Configuration:

    ceiling-mounted, mobile, wall-mounted

  • Light source:


  • Intensity at 1 m:

    Max.: 100,000 lx

    Min.: 6,000 lx


Thanks to an innovative system of lenses with 18 LED sources, the S200 SCIALYTIC LAMP guarantees a beam of light with a wide scialitic effect, without shadows and configurable with two different spot sizes, 18 or 30 cm in diameter.
The light emitted is white and natural, with a CRI (Ra) of 90 points and a light that does not strain the sight and does not subtract concentration of the operator, its brightness is adjustable from a minimum of 6,000 to a maximum of 100,000 Lux.
To guarantee perfect perception of the illuminated area, the S200 allows three different color temperatures to be used: 3.800K, 4.300K, 5.000K. Its design takes into account the aesthetic components without penalizing ergonomics, ease of use and cleaning. The high quality of the materials guarantees strength, resistance to the most common detergents and hygiene over time, meeting the high standards required by the medical sector.
All these elements make the S200 a lamp suitable for the most demanding user in different sectors: small surgery in general, Dental, Aesthetics, Veterinary, Podology, Tatto Etc.