automatic electrolyte analyzer / pH / Na+ / K+



  • Operation:


  • Measured parameters:

    pH, Na+, K+, Cl-, Li+, Ca++

  • Patient type:

    for humans

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, benchtop, with ion-selective electrode, with touchscreen, veterinary


The highest in performance of electrolytes analyzers (ISE) Balio Diagnostics family.

Balio Auto Plus range is ideal for large laboratories that need to manage their tests with precision, autonomy, safety and traceability.

The EX-400 is unique in the global market:

The EX-400 offers an autoloader that is unique in the market in terms of electrolyte analyzer (ISE).
The only autosampler with sample level detection and able to accept primary tubes, pediatric, capsules.
The EX-400 is one of the only evolutive analyzers. Indeed, you can make evoluating the number of paramaters in fonction to the need of each laboratory (Na +, K +, Cl-, Ca ++, pH, Li +).

With an autosampler that can hold up to 40 samples, the EX-400 can support continuous sample loading.
The EX-400 offers powerful and modern features such as its intuitive touch screen, 1000 tests in memory, built-in acquisition card, auto-calibration, sleep mode, and its full featured software.

Accurate and reliable
With its built-in acquisition card, the EX-400 is a reliable instrument and offers an excellent CV that demonstrates excellent reproducibility of results.

Easy to use
A single Allen key is provided with the analyzer to perform all maintenance. EX-400 is equipped with special, robust and maintenance-free electrodes.

Intuitive and friendly
The EX-400 offers intuitive touch screen software to facilitate the routine work of the lab technician.

More options
Ex-400 offers an optional internal battery, an internal and external barcode.